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Why on Earth would Christian radio stations broadcast a program about sea lions that are learning to do scientific research? For that matter, why would a Christian ministry such as Creation Moments publish a book that offers information on wasp reproduction? An explanation of how to wire hornets to power a digital watch might be fun to hear about. The Australian frog that swallows her eggs and hatches them in her stomach might tickle our curiosity. But what do these subjects have to do with Christian ministry?

No one would question Christians broadcasting and publishing a program on the Dead Sea scrolls. It makes sense for us to discuss the Christmas star at Christmas time. The discovery of Caiphas's body is clearly newsworthy. A case can even be made for a story about Babylon rent-a-wagon.


Why waste time with stink bugs, animals that can live without air, and chimpanzee's math abilities? (Yes, all of these and many more appear in this volume.)


The Earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof. In plain, modern language, the Earth and everything in it is the LORD's. Everything--electric wasps, singing lakes, plants that can swim and see, and fungi that weigh more than whales -- was born in God's mind. So was the playful kitten.

Letting God Create Your Day

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