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Kids of all ages will be spellbound as they are taken "on-location" to learn about God's amazing animals of the Everglades. Plus they'll love the animated story-song, "Nightmare Pass." Children are drawn to the grandfatherly explorer/singer Buddy Davis who leads them through the Everglades on air boats, motorboats, all-terrain vehicles, and even on foot to reveal powerful alligators, amazing manatees, intelligent dolphins, black bears, cranes, snakes, snapping turtles, and more! You probably didn't know the variety of Everglades animals is so BIG! and this DVD reveals God's special design in each one! Kids and adults will love the DVD bonus features:


"Nightmare Pass Adventure Game"

music video, "God Made Me to Be a Swamp Man"


Funny Outtakes


Gospel Presentation


Ages 4-10 (adults too!); 45 min.


Shipping included

Swamp Man DVD

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