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Welcome to Secrets of the Sea

"The sea is HIS and He made it."
Psalm 95:5
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Here we discuss sharks, cephalopods, whales, The Flood of Noah, and sea monsters! Secrets of the Sea is one of 5 themes presented by Creation Family Ministries. We also have 4 other themes that discuss topics like Bigfoot, living dinosaurs, and much more! Check them out here!

Kids check out our "Kids Page" where you can play and download games and read fun interactive articles about the "Secrets of the Sea"!


Serving Assemblies...


Creation Family Ministries conducts summer VBS at your church with one of our 5 themes. Check this link for more information on our programs.


Creation Family Ministries conducts conferences, revival meetings, and special Sundays or weekends.  In addition, Jeff and Heather minister in music through evangelistic song leading, piano specials, solos, or harmonica numbers. We also provide creation resources and serve in other ways.


Since 1994, Jeff & Heather Setzer have served churches across America conducting summer VBS and helping in many other ways. To learn more about us and who we are, click this link here.

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